Healthier balance 
Social environment 

Membership benefits include:

  • Healthier work / life balance.
  • Inspiring, creative and social environment.
  • Super fast broadband.
  • Smart meeting room & kitchen (shared).
  • Fancy coffee machine.
  • Central location.
  • 5 minutes walk from the beach.
  • Office dogs (may eat your sandwiches)

Join us

Flexible pricing and short term contracts available to suit everyone.

Hot desk

Free to come and go as you please, there will always be a space here for you.

£149 /month

Dedicated desk

Move right in, your own dedicated desk you can set up how you like.

£219 /month

"There aren't many places where you can paddle board in the morning, then be in central London by lunch time."

Matt Pilkington - Superrb Web Design.

Contemporary but all the essentials

Combining contemporary design with access to all the essential business amenities, Stones Throw Studio is designed to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, providing professionals with a truly inspiring workspace.

Thoughtfully transformed work space

Originally home to web design agency Superrb Studio, the space has been thoughtfully transformed into a coworking hub after the majority of the team transitioned to remote work during the pandemic.

Come say hello 
Come say hello 
Come say hello 
Come say hello 
Come say hello 

Come and say hello

Drop us a line below or email us at [email protected].